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2009 Plan Of Training For Year

Ok, it's 2009 – a New Year of training and competitions. I am always thinking how to better my training; how to add more weight to my lifts.  This year I have got four comps, the first being a club lift in March, followed by the Otago Champs in May, South Island Champs in June and […]

Shoulders: Standing Military Press

Great for building upper body strength. If done standing you will work a great deal of muscles from your traps through your shoulders and down your back and also triceps and abdominals. They will not necessarily help in building your bench press though I wouldn’t leave them out of my training altogether. If pressing from […]

Shoulders: Lateral raises

Working your medial deltoids is quite different than working the other parts of your shoulder. The muscle fibbers are shaped different and don’t necessarily need heavy weights though they can handle heavy weights. I would suggest lighter weights high reps and strict form. Execution: Stand holding a pair of dumbbells to your sides. Slightly bend […]

Shoulders: Bent over lateral raises

Another important body part and sometimes over worked or over stressed are your shoulders. They are being worked all the time in back workouts, arm work outs, chest workouts and even when you squat they are under stress, so by working your rear and medial delts more often you will strengthen around your shoulders and […]

Back: Bent Over Rows

This movement is great for building thickness in the upper back and lats. Pulling the bar high into your chest will help thicken your lower traps. Remember good form is crucial don’t just go up and down with the bar. Execution Grab the bar with an over hand grip making shore your hands are quite […]

Triceps: Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extension

This is a great exercise for building mass and strength in the triceps. It works the entirety of the triceps. Start with a weight you can handle easily, increasing the weight with each set. You should be able to add a small amount of weight each week with reps of 5-10. When you can no […]

Hamstrings: Good Mornings

When learning this exercise make sure you use good form. Always start with the bar. Keep your reps high at first until you get used to the movement, then you can start lowering the reps as you get stronger at this exercise Each week add small amounts of weight making sure that you can handle […]

Back: One Arm Rows

This is a very hard exercise if done properly. You will use a great amount of energy doing this and build a lot of thickness in the lats and upper back. A bigger stronger upper back will also help bring your bench press up. Execution Grasp a dumbbell you can handle easily. Place your opposite […]

Triceps: Lying Triceps Extension

For mass and strength in the triceps don't leave this one out. Add as much weight as possible with good form and you will get great results out of this one. Remember to be in control of the weights. Don’t let the weight be in control of you. Execution Using a straight or an ezy […]

Hamstrings: Stiff Legged Deadlift

Get used to this exercise if you want to be really strong. This exercise should be done at least with every other leg work out. Another great exercise that will build strength from your hamstrings through to your upper back. And with good form and as much weight as you can handle using reps from […]