Close Combat Files

The Close Combat Files covers all aspects of close quarter combat and self defence. Close Combat is known by many names, including unarmed combat, hand-to-hand combat, combatives, close quarter battle, and close quarter combat. Although some martial arts use this terminology in recent times, the articles in this column are specific to military combatives, which stems from the World War II pioneers such as W.E. Fairbairn, E.A. Sykes, Colonel Rex Applegate, and Charles Nelson.

The author of these articles is Geoff ‘Tank’ Todd, who has trained and qualified with both Col. Applegate and Charles Nelson. Tank is the Director of Overseas Affairs for the International Close Combat Instructors Association (ICCIA), which is comprised of former and current military close combat instructors.

For further information or training opportunities, see the Todd Group website.

Civilian styles and systems observations and assessments for CQC purposes

For close to 3 decades my work has included observing and assessing fighting systems. This is an important aspect of identification of combative primary tactics and skills and also familiarization with potential enemy fighting arts. I have also had to process military close combat instructor applications for the International Close Combat Instructors Association including observing […]

Pivot Slide Swivel Combative Footwork Capabilities

In military close quarters combat and close quarters battle pivoting sliding and swiveling in footwork stance and directional changes as well as impact contact enhancement are vitally important. The pivot is a means of foot work where sound ground contact and stability are maintained while directional changes can be made including utilising target orientation and […]

Primary orthodox direction of unarmed and armed threat evasion

The Todd Systems being a current military employed close quarters combat system must provide skills that enable operational objective achievement that are as safe as humanly possible against a formidable enemy combatant. The evasive counter offensive principles must as a primary option provide an orthodox primary means to counter wide-ranging threats by the best and […]

Military CQB/CQC Resistance and Yielding

I can remember as a young exponent asking my instructor Harry Baldock how to escape some difficult holds that I had difficulty with as a youngster escaping, especially some of the heavy weight pro wrestlers applied holds that I trained with. Holds being applied correctly and forcefully are very different to a less than correct […]

Todd CQC Systems Basic Military Combat Milling

I was well accustomed to the “mad minute” with boxing gloves as a common toughener practice for military CQB/CQC courses when I started instructing on military courses over two decades ago and well before that as an exponent coming up through the ranks. In my early days, as part of my training in physical culture […]

Todd Systems Flat Hand Edge Strike

The reason behind the Todd Systems version of the hand edge strike known as the flat hand edge strike in the Todd Systems for military close combat is simply because it is a safer most current and improved variation for military CQC. Todd CQC systems angled for outwards backhand contact flat hand edge strike. Inside […]

D-WAR — Declare War Against Rape

The Todd Systems anti-and counter rape training program and manual has been decades in the development phases. The Todd group formerly the Baldock Institute has a unique history of over 85 years instructing European military combative programs as well as defensive tactics programmes, close personal protection and self-protection. The D-WAR course of instruction is a […]

CQB/CQC Adjustments

European military CQB/CQC is a military science incorporating various scientific components from a wide range of scientific subjects. It may not be an exact science especially in the unarmed CQC lines of operational employments but it does incorporate vital military scientific aspects and requirements. Balance control tactical and dynamic movement medical implications, psychological considerations are […]

Order of Instruction

There are several factors that will determine the subject and order of instruction in regards to CQC. Military law enforcement and civilians for example will be trained in modules specific to their needs roles and likely threats and the same applies to close protection corrections and security. Not only will service role and category of […]

Unarmed Combat Counteroffensive Guards And Guarding

CQC guards are important skills components they combine with the stances and footwork to provide sound proven counter offensive capabilities. I've covered stances and footwork in previous editions of the close combat files and will now detail counteroffensive guarding. This file will cover guarding against unarmed threats from the front side and rear flanks. The […]