Subtle Energies with Robert Morgen

Drawing Energy

During various exercises we'll be drawing energy in through our chakras, into our organs and even through the entire area of our skin. Drawing energy into yourself is fairly easy to do and simply requires a heightened sense of self-awareness to feel. To begin drawing energy just take a moment and focus on your breathing. […]

Keeping Your Energy Balanced and Centered

An important, and very simple safety, is keeping your energy centered and balanced. As you've probably discovered by now, what you do with your energy affects every part of your life. Try this exercise with a friend. It can be a lot of fun and it really helps to illustrate the Mind/Body connection. Have a […]

The Human Energy System

As we begin to meditate and open up the energy pathways of our body it becomes a little more important to have a good understanding of those energy routes. This is another area that a person could study for the rest of their life and still learn new things. By now you've begun to have […]

Meditation Exercise – Dealing With Negativity

Once you start to become comfortable with your dualities you can begin to associate with the positive (good for you) light and dark traits and abilities. Keeping a positive mindset is extremely important here as you're pushing your comfort levels to new extremes. We usually lump negativity into the 'Dark' category, but having a negative […]

Balancing the Dualities

I feel that many of our issues with duality go back to our very basic nature, not our good/bad, male/female or light/dark side, but even deeper to the Id and Super-Ego. It's extremely easy to see these as the basis for all of the others with the battle being between the untrained, instinctive Id and […]

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of a good meditation practice are many and well documented over the last several thousand years. Since this book is an introduction I’m only going to illustrate a few of the simpler, more common benefits. I want to stress however, that there are many more benefits than just these. Balance – One of […]

Our Abundant Universe

We live in a perfect, infinite and extremely abundant Universe. Everything that we could possible need or want is available to us, once we learn to accept it. Part of the spiritual message that I want to impart to everyone is that it’s perfectly ok to accept the abundance that comes your way. Not only […]

What is Meditation? — Learn to use your true inner power!

Meditation is simply the art of focusing on any given subject with total concentration. There are many systems and styles of meditation, approached with varying degrees of formality. All are useful for various folks for various reasons, and discovering which one is right for you can be an interesting journey. Meditation has been used universally […]

Balancing the Light and Dark

Integrating my dark side was a fairly torturous process for me, partly because I made it harder than it had to be. Apparently I do that a lot. :) One of the problems at the time was my ability to get out of my own way and I continually tried to micro-manage the process rather […]