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Editor's Letter December 2009

The means of advertising and promotion for combative, self-defence, martial arts and related services and supplies are very different from years gone by. The Todd Group, formally and formerly the Baldock Institute, was established in 1927 and is the oldest global private training provider to the military of its kind. A stand-alone organization over 80 […]

December 2007

It never ceases to amaze me on how the majority think that they are fully committed to their training and are fully competent. Many believe that attending or instructing several short sessions a week can be classed as full-time. What they may consider full-time or fully committed would amount to nothing more than casual involvement […]

May 2007

Since the last editors I have conducted several courses attracting exponents from all over the world as well as having regular visits from military instructors from around the world. Many of my visitors claimed they went to considerable lengths to identify the right system, facility and instructor best suited to their needs before signing up. […]

February 2007

Over the holiday period I have tried to catch up on the many projects that have been waiting for me to have time to finish. Unfortunately for the projects but fortunately for the ability to be in the company of other military instructors and exponents I have had visitors from all around the world dropping […]

September 2006

Over the past several decades the seminar training scene has slowly but steadily dropped off and that is for many reasons. The expense, the same old, same old being dished up and seminars that have been conducted by boy wonders with claims of grandeur that have simply never delivered. The Internet has also made access […]

Fight Times Has Been a Massive Success

Fight Times has been a massive success since going on-line with the free e-mag format and has exceeded all expectations. The interest from service personnel globally has been constant and hits on my Todd Group linked site have increased my consulting and instructing duties beyond capacity. We have a captive audience and in my field […]

You Wanted It!

Readers, Fight Times has listened to you and has acted on your requests once again. You wanted a free online e-mag and we gave it to you and now you want regular new content on a daily basis and we will deliver. No more bi-monthly editions where readers are waiting for new content. We will […]

2006 And It's Full Steam Ahead

2006 and it’s full steam ahead literally. I arrived home just in time for Christmas and it’s now January 1st and I am ready to leave again for consultancy and instructing work in several countries. This has meant some fast and furious advance work has been required on the e-mag front. If there is one […]

Closed Eyed and Closed Minded

It never ceases to amaze me how closed eyed and minded some people can be. They are so afraid that other individuals are more knowledgeable than themselves and that these other’s skills are actually better than their own. Rather than being open minded and arming themselves with more knowledge they totally disregard anything but their […]

Fight Times Going Strong

Thank you to the many thousands of new readers each month and to the return readers that keep coming back every issue. The compliments received have made us all at Fight Times and the Todd Group feel very pleased and satisfied with what we have achieved so far. The main comments are that we focus […]