Brain to Boot

Brain to Boot mental toughness manual and training package

Tank Todd recently released Brain to Boot, a 449-page military CQC and military self-defence psychological enhancement and conditioning manual with an accompanying audio training package.

Todd Group Training Zambia for the Guardians and Protectors of Endangered Wildlife

The Todd Group has had considerable association with training protectors of wildlife anti-poaching personnel. This begun with operators making contact with Todd Group HQ and being referred to our UK depot for training initially. After this some of the personnel attended Todd Group courses in Thailand and South Africa and we also had Todd Group […]

Martial Arts Styles Do Exist

Martial Arts Styles Do Exist

Recently, I saw a Facebook video of a grappling competition, between a freestyle wrestler and a Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner. There are a lot of Youtube videos with titles like “Muay Thai vs. Kyokushin” or “Kung Fu vs. MMA” but what I liked about this particular video was that both practitioners were wearing the clothing appropriate […]

Bowie Tupou – Joseph Parker Press Conference

Press conference this morning before boxers fly to Invercargill. Photos of Jeff Fenech, Bowie Tupou, Buttabean, Izu Ogonoh, Joseph Parker, and Kevin Barry.