Brain to Boot

Brain to Boot mental toughness manual and training package

Tank Todd recently released Brain to Boot, a 449-page military CQC and military self-defence psychological enhancement and conditioning manual with an accompanying audio training package.

The Todd Group Annual Australasian CQB/CQC Course – CQB/CQC Down-Under 2016

  Phase test BHEs. The Todd Group Annual Australasian Combative Course of instruction and prize giving was conducted at Camp Todd and the Todd Group HQ between March 17 and March 26. This was the 20th year since we began to accept national and international applicants on an annual course. Before I get into this […]

Todd Group Close Quarters Combat Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international CQC training courses: Clubs, businesses, corporate group self-defence, D-WAR (Declare War Against Rape anti and counter rape short courses), defensive tactics, tactical control and restraint, crowd control company courses. Enquiries:[email protected] For more information, visit the Todd Group website. The Todd Group provide military combatives training […]

2016 Southern Districts Multi-Style Martial Arts Karate Championships

International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do Federation West Otago Host to the 2016 Southern Districts Multi-Style Martial Arts Karate Championships. West Otago Community Centre, Suffolk Street, Tapanui 9th April 2016 Admission Gold coin donation, family $5 Karate – Tae Kwon Do – Kung Fu – All Martial Arts Disciplines INFORMATION: Gabriel Phillips Ph/Fax (03)2048458 – Cell 0276854522 – [email protected] […]