The 2014 Todd Group Exported Close Quarters Combat Course to South Africa

The 2014 Todd Group Exported Close Quarters Combat Course to South Africa

This excellent combative course was conducted at the SWAT range our South African HQ facility for Todd systems CQB/CQC training.

Todd Group 2015 Courses

The Todd Group are offering the following national and international training courses: 2015 Courses Dunedin, New Zealand – February – Todd Group HQ Dunedin residents first 2015 CQC intake. Course information. Apply Online Dunedin, New Zealand – March – Todd Group HQ Annual Australasian CQB/CQC intensive course of instruction. Course information. Poster. Apply Online. March […]

Todd Group Thailand CQC course, December 2014

  The final exported course to our hub international country Thailand was again an excellent training experience. Providing the unique opportunity to combine civilians and military personnel on the same course of instruction providing benefits to both groups. Combined Mill Civi Pers training above and below. These courses are proving excellent opportunities for our phase […]

Philippines Todd Group week-long CQC course of instruction

Introducing European military close quarters combat and military self-defence systems to South East Asian countries where the majority of the population have no knowledge of such training needs to be a carefully planned, slow-is-fast undertaking. I have been involved in CQC in South East Asia for coming up 24 years and it’s a constant hands-on […]

Shaolin Monks? Try Shaolin Punks!

New martial arts comic book has heroic kids battling ancient warriors and mysterious gargoyles in an epic quest to save the world and earn their blackbelts. What do you get when you combine a love for comic books, monster movies, and martial arts with a student instructor who spent 5 years helping teach kids ninjutsu […]