Dr Tom

Should I Take Supplements?

One of the most commonly asked questions in the field of nutrition is ‘Should I take supplements?’ The short answer is ‘yes’- the long answer follows! In order to answer this question adequately, we need to look at several issues: 1. What functions does food serve? Fuel for energy production – if anyone has had the […]

Knee Injuries

The knee joint is the largest, most complicated and most commonly injured joint in the human body. It is also the leading cause of long-term disability in athletes. Fortunately many advances have been made in understanding the mechanisms of injury, biomechanics diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries. Unfortunately however, little progress has been made in […]

Nutrition in Sport

WHY IS KNOWLEDGE OF NUTRITION IMPORTANT? 1. A poor diet contributes to a host of modern diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, obesity, cancer, arthritis, macular degeneration and cataracts 2. The four main determinants of athletic performance are: training genetic factors mental attitude nutrition (good eating habits provide energy allowing athletes to […]

Head Injuries In Sport

Injuries to the head are relatively common in contact sports. Unfortunately they are poorly understood and poorly managed by the majority of the public, sports teams, coaches, referees and administrators. Knowing about head injuries is important – one day it may save someone's life (possibly your own!). How Do Head Injuries Occur? Most head injuries […]

Successful Fat Loss

This issue I will give you my thoughts regarding the biggest (forgive the pun) health problem confronting human-kind – excess body fat. Currently 60% of males, 50% of females and 33% of children are overweight and we continue to put on an average of 10 gms of fat per day. Fat people in my experience […]