Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts. During the Classic Greek era there existed an ancient Olympic combat sport, known as Pankration which featured a combination of grappling and striking skills, similar to modern mixed martial arts. This sport originated in Ancient Greece and was later passed on to the Romans.

The Myth of MMA Fighting Out of Poverty

Rocky Marciano was born poor and died rich. But that was boxing, not MMA. In 2011 when I took the Cambodian team to fight MMA the first professional tournament in Malaysia, a lot of people were putting pressure on me to sign them to one of Asia’s most prestigious MMA promotions, even though the Cambodians […]

Brooklyn Monk Takes on Four Fighters in One Night

Brooklyn Monk Takes on Four Fighters in One Night

Not quite kumite, but a spiritual victory for author-warrior Writer, polyglot and martial artist Antonio Graceffo fought four opponents, three of them professional fighters, in one night at a Shanghai gym. In his first two matches at Fighters Unite, an MMA gym in the heart of China’s biggest city, Graceffo took on Chinese fighters from […]

Supremacy Fighting Championships 9

March 24th will see Supremacy Fighting Championships present the first instalment of the 2012 calender with SFC 9 returning to West Auckland's West Wave Rec center. A full UFC rules fight production featuring 2 NZ Title Fights, supported by a solid under-card of the best and up'n coming MMA exponents from the length of the country. With SFC […]

Colin The Freakshow Fletcher

March 24, 2012 is going to be a very special night for MMA enthusiasts when the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham plays host to BAMMA 9. Watson vs. Marshman is a stacked card from the bottom up, but any match that involves Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher is guaranteed to entertain fight fans who always eagerly […]

Welcome to the world of the MMA warrior — Complete game of MMA

The latest craze must surely be MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. Modern Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) emerged in 1993 with the Ultimate Fighting Championships, based on the concept of pitting different fighting styles against each other in competition with minimal rules, in an attempt to determine which system/martial art would be more effective in a real, unregulated combat […]

South Island Combat sports camp — July 30 to August 1

  Excellent would be an understated description of this training camp. The combat sport school Dunedin had planned this for many months and could not be more pleased with the support and outcome. Admittedly it was a cold winter's night on Friday, July 30 when coaches and participants arrived at the camp sometime after dark. […]