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Australia Versus New Zealand History

Australia versus New Zealand amateur tournaments are pretty infrequent these days but back in history they were regular events. It is always great to see the Australians come to New Zealand and I have found records of some interesting contests between the two countries. They were fought one year in New Zealand and the following […]

Shorty Hansen

  It is a very sad day with the loss of Shorty and my best wishes go out to Linda and family.  I knew him for 51 years and we talked most weeks. It only seems yesterday I was at Shorty’s 70th birthday party in this building and he said to me recently “I want […]

Samoan Joe

Samoan Joe

Sadly we lost Samoan Joe last week. He died in Melbourne Australia after a long illness. He was a star of Steve Rickard’s “On The Mat” show for many years. He travelled the world and was one of few local wrestlers that went to Pakistan.  He was frequent visitor to Singapore and Malaysia. Sad day as Joe loved coming […]