From The Archives

Articles from the early, printed issues of New Zealand Martial Arts Magazines, Australasian Martial Arts Magazine, and Fight Times magazine. There is no longer a printed edition, and Fight Times continues to be a free, online magazine.

The Harry Baldock Story

  Mr. Harry Baldock was Chief Instructor of the Baldock Institute for over fifty years and during this period trained thousands of students in physical fitness and body building. But it is not his achievements in the physical culture fields that I intend to cover in this article but more his expertise in the combat […]

Whatever Happened To Andre The Giant? Part 2

Steve Rickard and the late John Mancer often told me many "Andre" stories. The following is about when Steve Rickard asked John Mancer to look after the Giant for an afternoon in Palmerston North. Steve Rickard's first meeting with Andre came in Canada when Steve was wrestling out of Montreal. The promoter's teamed them up […]

Record of Service: Ray Meining

Ray Meining was born in Dunedin in 1917 on the second of April; he was one of three children having a sister and a brother. His father was a butcher owning his own shop in South Dunedin. V.C. Dedication with Govt Gen. at Queens Gardens. Ray displays War Medals and NZ Order of Merit. Ray […]

Record of Service: WO1 Jimmy Page

New Zealand has only ever had a few military qualified unarmed combat (CQB) chief instructors and the late Mr Jimmy Page was one of those pioneer instructors along with the late Shocker Shaw. Jimmy Page Royal NZ Infantry Regiment 1950 Jimmy sadly passed away on June 17th 1999. He is survived by his wife Mrs […]

Whatever Happened To, Andre The Giant? Part 1

New Zealand wrestling fans did indeed see some huge men during the history of the sport here. In the 1930's Rolland Kirchmeyer was by far the biggest man we saw at a height of six feet, eight and a half inches, and it wasn't until 1959 when the giant Texan Sky Hi Lee appeared in […]

Record of Service: Bill Hall

We begin this new regular column in the magazine to provide individuals recollections of their service to their country. The Anzac day dawn parades are very much an indication of the respect that all New Zealanders have for their heroes. The huge turnouts at the dawn parades are made up of a large percentage of […]

The Return Of Sensei Suzuki

Sensei Suzuki demonstrates the art of Ashihara. © Marc Wickert (previously published in Fight Times) Previously in Fight Times (Volume 8 Issue 6) Sensei Suzuki had stated that he would be returning to Australia with the intention of cementing his friendship with Australian martial artists, and to develop a network between Australia and Japan as […]

Ashihara – The Modern Day Karate

Sensei Suzuki (left) with Ashihara, founder Hideyuki Ashihara. Copyright – Marc Wickert (previously published in FIGHT TIMES magazine) Ashihara Karate was developed in 1980 out of the necessity for a style of Karate that would be effective in today's society. It was founded by Hideyuki Ashihara, who trained in Kyokushin Karate for twenty years, before […]

AMAHOF 2003 in Canberra

The 2003 Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Awards was held in Canberra, ACT for the first time ever on 6th to 9th June 2003; and it was a rousing success with over a hundred and fifty people attending the awards dinner and about three hundred attending the exhibition day. Eleven people were inducted this […]

I.O.G.K.F.N.Z Upper Waitaki Karate Club Spring Camp

Kurow once again excelled itself with good hot weather for the 2003 spring camp with participants from all over the South Island as well as some dedicated Karateka from the North Island which showed how wide spread the Kurow Spring camp is getting these days. All in all, there were 80 students participating in the […]