Precision Nutrition with John Berardi

Precision Nutrition December Sale

The Precision Nutrition December sale starts today. Due to a temporary paper shortage with their suppliers, and a subsequent discount on their printing costs, Precision Nutrition are planning on doing something very cool. John Berardi and the team are offering the Precision Nutrition System, including Gourmet Nutrition V1 and an all-access membership to our private […]

Incorporating Flax Into Your Diet

Lately the media has been spending a lot of time talking about "healthy, omega 3 fats." And it's about time. Most people are woefully deficient. However, with media saturation, the finer points are often lost. Click here to read more about one great food source of the healthy, omega 3 fats.

Some pics you've gotta see

Two years ago we completed what we called "The Dave Tate Project".  In that body transformation experiment, we took a 300lb powerlifter who ate over 10,000 calories a day of junk food (no, that's not a typo) and helped him slash his body fat to about 6%. In addition, last year we kicked off "The […]

How To Gain Body Fat While Exercising A Lot

Following on from his article 'When Exercising Doesn't Work' John Berardi reveals details of a recent study that showed people actually increasing body fat despite intensive exercise. This is interesting reading, and shows the importance of good nutritional practices as part of an overall health and fitness programme. Find out the details here, you will […]

Tea, tunes, seminars, and coaching

This week John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition team have some great deals and useful information for you over at the forum. Here is what they are offering: The Precision Nutrition Tea Discount West Coast Special Teas has extended a generous offer on a host of special, gourmet teas.  Don't miss out.  Click  the link […]

Exercise doesn’t work?

This week John Berardi shares a recent "ah ha" moment, that: "Exercise doesn't work." This is a surprising comment coming from a guy with big biceps and 8% body fat who recommends at least 5 hours per week of exercise! In the article you will learn how make your training plan up to 10x more […]

Omega 3 Snacks

Once you’re splitting up your fats correctly (about 1/3 of your fat intake coming from each of the three types of fat), your next goal should be to balance out your omega 6: omega 3 ratio.  Do this and you’re arteries will be jumping for joy and they’ll have less body fat around them to […]