Kobus’ Corner

More Than A Coach

"Do not punch the head! I want you to punch the body!" There was no bell, only loud pop music on a timer. When the music started he came at me with those two big 18-ounce gloves, growling like a cornered leopard, covering the distance between the edge of the training mat and me in […]

Coaching 2 — Preparing Your Fighter Close To A Fight

(Photos by Sebastian Troen) All trainers and fighters should prepare as if their fight is the most important in their careers. And it could be – people tend to remember you no further back than your last fight… This article is for coaches, preparing that fighter who has reached a higher level – a professional […]

The story of Louwtjie

I was reminded the other day of a student I once had, named Louwtjie. I don't think he'd mind me using his name, as the story I want to tell will indicate one of the joys of teaching martial arts. I was still a first dan instructor in my early twenties and taught in a […]

Why Does The Average Guy Or Girl Need To Train?

So many people ask me why I always implore them to train, stay in shape; build some strength and train in combat. The answer is simple and two-fold: You WILL at some point in your life need to handle a physical confrontation – man or woman. You'll be lucky if it only one and it […]

Training Your Technique — Excerpts from Fighter's Encyclopedia

Republished with permission from the author. If you like this article please considering buying the book. See http://www.lulu.com/kobus for details. Photos by Sebastian Troen. So how good is your technique? Since you're a pro, by this time, you should be well versed in the basics. Your technique shouldn't be a problem, right? Well, not always. […]

Coaching – Part 1 — Leadership and mentorship

Photos courtesy of Sebastian Troen Leadership and mentorship is the mark of a true trainer. You can only get the best out of a fighter if you focus on the mental aspects of your training. Many fighters don't know their own potential and other have delusions of grandeur. The way to get through this – […]