Thailand Final CQC Course 2017

Mutual respect between Military and civilian CQC proponents. Todd Group exported courses are about providing the opportunity for interested individuals to undergo Todd Systems European military close quarters combat (CQC) and military self-defence (MSD) training on a week-long course of instruction. Interested new entry exponents combined with seasoned proponents and instructors live CQC day and […]

Close Protection Operators specialist course Thailand 15-28 October 2017

The Todd Group has just completed another annual close personal protection course in Thailand, our international hub country of over two decades. This report will follow Pete and Gaz through their two weeks of training and training exercises. The Todd Group have the oldest history as private specialist training providers of European military self-defence MSD […]

Thailand Combined Military Pers and Civilian Exponents Military Self-defence and CQC course April 2017

Certificate presentation for the previous course This hot summer course was made less blistering with the sea breeze at the Navy base. The course was made up of phase 1 basic, phase 2 advanced and phase 3 specialist courses of instruction being conducted simultaneously. The civilian exponents and instructors on course came from wide ranging […]

Germany Annual Week-long Intensive CQC/MSD Course of Instruction 2017

Phase 3 Bayonet disarming. Germany has become the Todd Group’s European primary country for the conducting of Todd Systems CQC/MSD course of instruction. Ken Oesterreich, the Todd Group Germany chief instructor, was the course manager and coordinator for the Leipzig course. The May 6th to 11th CQC/MSD course was conducted in Leipzig and it ran […]

Todd Group CQC Training Provision 90th Anniversary Reunion and Annual Australasian CQB/CQC Course 2017

Todd Group 90th Reunion Guest of Honour Ken “Blue” Curran is piped in by Johnny McIntyre with Major John Whipp retired waiting to introduce Blue. Where do I start as this major event began with the Todd Group training team and committed, dedicated instructors and proponents undertaking upgrades and additions to Camp Todd many months […]

Thailand: The Todd Group International hub for International Exponents

Group photo post course. Some Todd Group courses are scheduled up to several years in advance and include public application courses as well as private client courses and contract courses for military, police, close protection and a wide range of specialist agencies including wildlife protection ranger training. Our Elite Action Adventure combative recruiting attracts individuals […]

Military Mental Toughness for Sport and Combat Sports

It takes mental toughness to endure the effects of heavy contact and fight back. The Todd Group in our 90th year have a long history as military CQC (close quarters combat) tactics and skills developers and training providers. Our training provision includes to the military elite and specialist police squads. The Todd Group systems are […]

The Todd Group Annual Australasian CQB/CQC Course – CQB/CQC Down-Under 2016

  Phase test BHEs. The Todd Group Annual Australasian Combative Course of instruction and prize giving was conducted at Camp Todd and the Todd Group HQ between March 17 and March 26. This was the 20th year since we began to accept national and international applicants on an annual course. Before I get into this […]

Captain Ben Mängels “The Mangler” Combative life Remembrance

Benjamin Hubert Mängels December 14, 1936 – November 21, 2014. Ben passed away at Elbert Colorado aged 78 years. He is survived by one son, and four daughters. Malcolm Mängels Dolly Foley Rhoda Baily Caren Mängels Marlene Parks Ben’s son, Malcolm brought to my attention how his father with all his toughness and combative capabilities […]