Thailand Combined Military Pers and Civilian Exponents Military Self-defence and CQC course April 2017

Certificate presentation for the previous course

This hot summer course was made less blistering with the sea breeze at the Navy base.

The course was made up of phase 1 basic, phase 2 advanced and phase 3 specialist courses of instruction being conducted simultaneously.

The civilian exponents and instructors on course came from wide ranging backgrounds and professions.

The Todd Group is renowned for conducting combined military pers and civilian exponents CQC and MSD intensive week-long courses of instruction.

This is a unique experience for civilian participants and challenging for all on course.

Military drill skills to command.

Todd Group recruiting attracts individuals looking for a challenging combative course of instruction conducted by current military CQC/MSD instructors.

The majority of attendees have done their research and won’t settle for anything other than being trained by leaders in the field of military close combat that are military CQC/MSD qualified with long instructing service records to the military. They want training in the most current best of European military self -defence and close quarters combat training and won’t settle for anything less.

Many have undergone training in non-military instructed self-defence courses from non-military qualified fighting arts instructors and in their continued pursuit of knowledge have applied for one of our intensive courses of instruction.

Others have never trained in CQC before but seek military CQC/MSD programs and military instructor delivered training from the outset.

Interestingly many strong willed individuals with no prior training volunteer for testing phases and pass while others with extensive training time in non-military fighting styles including instructors of such styles do not volunteer for testing or fail testing.

Those that accept the challenge of the courses intensive training regime and volunteer for the challenging testing phases are strong of mind and prepared for the physicality of testing, they want to be the best exponent they can be and know to prove themselves they must test and pass.

Some have aspirations of moving up through the ranks instructor qualifying while others are operators and want the best and most current of close combat training we can provide for their services careers, roles and duties.

Exponents on this course were instructed by 7 Phase 3 specialist proponents/instructors.

Being messed in and living CQC in a military camp provides the civilian exponents with an insight into the realities of living CQC/MSD day and night the military on course way.

Todd Group instructors and civilian exponents and military pers on course were very appreciative of having so many high-ranking instructors and such extensive provided training.

CQC Lanes combative conditioning.

The environment and conditions all add to the experience and challenge and with exponents on course so committed to the long days and night training they didn’t let the Thailand summer heat sand or sea affect their commitment to achieving.

I am well accustomed to training non-English-speaking exponents, whether they are military Pers or civilians on CQC/MSD courses so the non -English speaking attendees were not disadvantaged. We have a translator on staff for any difficult explanation situations that may arise.

We also deliver our CPP courses in Thai as well as English now.

This course being conducted just after the Todd Group 90th anniversary reunion and annual Australasian course of instruction at Camp Todd and Todd Group HQ in New Zealand enabled us to show a video presentation of the 90th anniversary reunion and annual Australasian course phase 1 testing which gave all in attendance a look at our long history and revered CQC testing phase.

This most recent Thailand land course combined all the usual land and amphib CQC/MSD as well as tactical control restraint training and an introduction to the Todd systems DWAR declare war against rape, anti-and counter serious predatory sexual violence course of instruction.

Amphib CQC



Control and restraint training

Detainee decentralisation

While the Todd Group is not about training the masses and all accepted applicants must be over 17 years of age and meet the stringent joining requirements as well as being prepared to accept the challenges and realities of training and testing, those that pass testing phases are solid lads and lasses and strengthen our ranks and this is how it should be.

There are the occasional applicants that meet the joining criteria but simply are not capable of achieving training objectives or passing testing phases and the realities of training and testing soon sort them out and they never progress.

From the rest come the best in responsible practical realists with the smarts and inner resolve required for CQC advancement.

This course like all the intensive week-long courses of instruction we conduct identifies individual exponents for future training and testing.

I was well pleased with my staff and instructing team in the execution of their duties.

They all understand that being a member of our CQC school is a privilege and if they do not conduct themselves responsibly with loyalty and honour they will lose privileges.

Our Instructors and exponents most represent CQC and the group with high integrity and respect the chain of command.

Already attendees have confirmed on upcoming courses testament to their pursuit of continued knowledge and their willingness to accept the challenges required to achieve rank and qualification with the Todd Group the oldest private European specialist military CQC/MSD training providers of our kind.

We never lower standards and all candidates on testing phases must surpass the required testing levels in mental toughness and skills competency.

This course included all phases of training including phase 3 specialist armed combat for our phase 3 proponents and Thai military Pers on course.

The course was over fast with basic , advanced and specialist courses of instruction being conducted simultaneously all day and with night training.

For upcoming Thai CQC/MSD and CPP courses along with other international exported courses. [email protected]

Article written by Fight Times Editor