Combat Coaching with Morné

Bully Proof your Child

"If your child is a bully victim, they might be glad schools are closing. But Morné Swanepoel, an accomplished street-mma-fighter, is changing all that," writes Oliver Roberts. It’s Thursday night in a church hall in Amanzimtoti. On the yellow walls are posters with virtuous mantras about love and kindness; huge, hand-painted announcements about the strength […]

The Three Important Stages of Street Violence

Street violence which can be directly related to the unlawful exercise of physical force is a reality which all of us live with on a daily basis. Training to protect oneself for street confrontations is very intense and quite different from training for competitions, even the No holds barred competitions that are very popular today. […]

Defending Yourself Against a Knife

Before you even study the following self defence series you need to understand that an attacker with a weapon i.e. Knife is a very dangerous situation you find yourself in. You need to do whatever possible to try and avoid the situation altogether including running away or to use objects in your immediate environment to […]

Mr Mo — How Do I Keep Myself Motivated?

"Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable" –Theodore N. Vail- Using about half of his speed, the coach threw a jab at his student's face. Without flinching, the student easily parried the punch.  “Good! Lets try again” the coach said. “I'm going to pick up the pace a […]

The Warrior Within

South Africa consists of many different cultures and within these cultures stem many different martial arts systems like for example the Zulu tribe who are well known for their stick fighting art. For long before Bruce Lee was born, lived an African Martial Warrior named King Shaka. Shaka founded a unique fighting style, which ensured […]

Taking It To The Ground

The end of the last century saw the birth of a new era in the Martial Arts world. With the advent of events known variously as 'Ultimate fighting', 'No holds-barred' matches and 'Mixed Martial Arts', martial artists across the world learned the value of learning more than one art, and becoming complete in what does […]

No Rules – Anything Goes. Are You Ready?

'Knowledge is not power, the ability to apply your knowledge is true power.' I am often surprised by how much the word 'practical' or 'effective' is used to describe a certain Martial Art system. While I agree that many fighting skills are practical and effective within realm of fighting, I question how practical these skills […]