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Australasian Fighting Arts magazine articles are republished with permission of Kevin Brennan, former editor of AFA.

Lethal Fighting Arts Of The Maori Warrior

I HAD HEARD about the Martial Arts of the Maori, in particular the weapons. So, on my last workshop tour of New Zealand, I was granted an interview with a most revered Priest of the Maoris and keeper of the Maori fighting arts, Irrirangi Tiakiawa (Irri to his friends). This interview is quite rare, as […]

A Brilliant Mind For Dirty Fighting — Australasia's most highly ranked Special Forces/CQB Master Instructor, Geoff 'Tank' Todd

New Zealand’s Geoff Todd has a background in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) dating back to the evolutionary pioneers of Elite Forces CQB. Better known in Elite Forces circles as ‘Tank’ Todd, Geoff was a student of the late Harry Baldock, an Army physical training and Unarmed Combat Instructor of the Second World War and a […]