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"He's Baaat." I mean, "He's baaack." Rising out of the spectral snow of TV and film, BATMAN BEGINS is an old take on an old legend; and in a sense Batman resembles Bruce Lee when it comes to superheroes and martial arts films. One thing I've noticed when comparing the martial arts films of Bruce, […]

The Tai-Chi Monkey's Methods — The Thirteen Units of Essential Techniques

by Chi-hsiu D. Weng, Ph.D., 9th Degree Black Belt, with Mark Wong, 3rd Degree Black Belt The Grouping of the 13 Units of Tai-chi Techniques Keywords: Movement patterns, drills, applications, moving meditation, cross-training, and integrity. Methods for the Task: As stated earlier, the grouping of the thirteen units of essential techniques in the Tai-chi Monkey […]

Tony Jaa — Muay Thai Mayhem Hits Hollywood in ONG BAK

As the soft-spoken Tony Jaa shares with me that, through cinema, he fervently hopes to spread the word of Muay Thai as a positive part of his native Thailand's heritage and culture, and that he's optimistic that people will recognize there's more to Muay Thai than just bashing someone's brains out in a ring, something […]