Back: One Arm Rows

This is a very hard exercise if done properly.

You will use a great amount of energy doing this and build a lot of thickness in the lats and upper back.

A bigger stronger upper back will also help bring your bench press up.


Grasp a dumbbell you can handle easily.

Place your opposite hand and knee on a bench now keep your back as flat as possible.

Holding the dumbbell let your arm swing slightly forward so you can fell a stretch in your lats.

Now pulling the dumbbell to your waist (it should move in a slight ark) squeeze your lats as hard as you can for two to three seconds.

Slowly return the dumbbell to the starting position for a good stretch.

One Arm Rows

One Arm Rows

One Arm Rows

Article written by Steve Varga

Steve Varga is 35-year-old and began lifting weights at age 20. He competes in competes in the 100kg weight class in powerlifting competitions.

He has made strength and power training his business and sole means of income as a personal trainer, willing and enthusiastic to help others and in turn further his achievements.