Essentials of Self Defense

When one thinks of self defense, images of pepper spray and tasers appear. You may then think of the bad guy in a red man suit ready to take your wallet, with the shouts of NO!, and with a few swift kicks to the groin the bad man falls in pain, and the day is saved.

Most cities have studios where you can take self defense classes as well as local churches and private organizations. Most offer basic courses in which you have the chance to not only learn the techniques but also try them out in a safe controlled situation.

Unfortunately an essential part is left out in many classes which are the mental aspects of self defense. Mental self defense starts when you wake up and get ready for the day. It is a mind set that should follow you through out your entire day; simply put you will not allow yourself to be the easy victim.

To many times in a persons day to day activities they allow themselves to become blind to what is going on around. It does not matter if it's the Ipod, cell phone, or the big meeting in the morning; these are all elements that may place you in danger. When you are pre occupied, are you looking around? Are you alert? Are you going to be that easy victim?

It doesn't matter if you are leaving the grocery store or checking your mail, you must be aware of your surroundings. If not, you are like the antelope drinking from the creek; you never see the lion sneaking up on you. The fact is that criminals are going to go for the easy take; they look for the person that is distracted and inattentive. Walk with your head high and pay attention to your surroundings. Let that person that is standing to the side waiting for the easy kill, know that you see them, and look them in the eyes so they see that you are not what they are looking for.

Once you start to build your mental self defense where else can protect yourself with just a little more thought. Your vehicle is a good start. When parking do you give up the parking space by the light and security camera for the on that is closer but is under a tree and out of public view? When returning to your vehicle you should look inside first, check the back seat. Your car keys should be in your hand with the door key ready if you need to get in the vehicle in a hurry. Questions such as these, answered in the right way will greatly increase you chance of not getting attacked in the first place. And that my friend, is the best self defense.

Self defense classes are a very good start but you must train your mind not to be an easy victim, take the time to see what you do on a daily basis that may be an unnecessary risk. Take the time to notice the things around you that can be used as a weapon or that can be used as a weapon against you. By waking up and making to choice to not think like a victim you in turn take your first steps to not being a victim.

Article written by Warren Breckenridge

Warren Breckenridge is a Law Enforcement officer of 14 years and a Security Consultant for Homeland Security, with 25 years of martial arts experience Warren has spent the last 11 years of his career focused on the training of officers for real life situations. Warren holds a 3rd degree black belt in American Freestyle Eclectic Tae Kwon Do and holds numerous Instructor certifications in the areas of Law Enforcement Firearms, Baton, Takedowns, Weapons Disarming, Handcuffing, Pressure Points, Hostage Rescue, SWAT, Defensive Tactics, and is a Use of Force Specialist. In his spare time Warren is an aspiring artist working primarily within the areas of sketch art and Fine Art Photography.