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S.A.F.E Self Defence Plan Hock Hochheim Auckland Seminar

Next year (Aug 2014) S.A.F.E Self Defence are looking at inviting Hock Hochheim over for a weekend seminar in Auckland (2 days), the seminar will contain some if not all of the following: Hand Stick Knife Gun Worst case scenarios Police Judo Pacific Archipelago Combatives and Filipino materials Skill, flow, speed and coordination fighting drills […]

Wheelchair Self Defence

Wheelchair Self Defence Manual and Training Package Forward by the course developer Wheelchair Self Defence Manual author Geoff “Tank” Todd As a military armed and unarmed combat as well as military self defence master chief instructor, I thrive on the challenge of skills and tactics development to ensure the military combative doctrine and training packages […]

Why Boxing Training for Self Defence?

Boxing is an exciting sport where two superb athletes square off in a boxing ring and battle to the limits of human endurance, with a great deal of conditioning, fitness, skill and lots of techniques. But while boxing is a brutal competitive sport, it is truly an effective method of self defence. Boxers are some […]

Close Combat Files – Female Self Defence

This is a subject that I have considered for over the last two decades has needed addressing with professional honesty and integrity for the sole purpose of stating the facts and with no hidden agendas or professional envy or jealousy influencing the facts. First let’s begin with the instructors, or are they qualified self defence […]

The Return of the Alive Blade! — Karl Tanswells S.T.A.B. Programme Features on John Skillens Series of Self Defence Seminars

I look back on 5th November 2006 and find myself fighting a very “alive” internal battle to preserve my journalistic integrity and not to insert a firework metaphor to describe the central character of this seminar report. For those who are not acquainted with Matt Thornton’s Straight Blast Gym buzzwords, “Aliveness” is a term used […]

Usage of the On Your Todd for Self Defence

On Your Todd is a key chain that provides self defence capabilities. Its only use for self defence is in accordance with the laws of self defence in the country of its use. The user is responsible for the correct use or misuse of this self defence device. The manufacturer will not be liable for […]

Self Defence – Primary Options

When I'm taking a class on self defence I usually start with asking them 'what's the 1st rule of self defence' and get some blank stares from my new students and the answer of 'don't be there' from my more experienced people. I then ask for the 2nd rule, which results in more blank stares […]

Christchurch European Military Self-Defence and Close Quarters Combat Short Course

Karl Webber is well known for training top line MMA fighters in New Zealand. What a lot of fight fans may not know is that Karl has a long history with the Todd Group in military CQC and MSD training. Ron Evans and I first trained Karl in CQC back in the early 90s in […]

Thailand Combined Military Pers and Civilian Exponents Military Self-defence and CQC course April 2017

Certificate presentation for the previous course This hot summer course was made less blistering with the sea breeze at the Navy base. The course was made up of phase 1 basic, phase 2 advanced and phase 3 specialist courses of instruction being conducted simultaneously. The civilian exponents and instructors on course came from wide ranging […]

European Military Close Quarters Combat Trade Crafts Not Civilian Self-Defence

This article is based on and applies to European military CQC and European military self–defence. The Todd systems of European military close quarter’s combat and European military self- defence are military tradecraft practices that are roles specific. Sgt Major Harry Baldock The Todd group is the oldest private training provider of European military unarmed combat […]