TSB45 The Baton of the Future

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton

Former Team Leader for a rapid response unit in a maximum security prison in the U.K. and now personal trainer at the Olympc Gym, Mosgiel, Dunedin, Andy Gillies holds the Todd45 tactical baton in the ready position and states he wishes he had the Todd45 in his former profession.

The TSB 45 short for Tactical Safety Baton 45 South Model Todd 45 has been many years in the making and is the invention of Tank Todd. Tank the designer of this specialist tactical tool with assistance from his 2IC "Cowboy" Mitchell, who constructed the early prototypes. Together they have put in thousands of hours to date in the development of this specialist tool.

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton in the hand's of its creator, Tank Todd.

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton in the hand's of its creator, Tank Todd.

Tank has always involved himself in the design of weapons and equipment in relation to his beloved close combat as there was never anything quite right for the job.

One of Tank's many positions and titles is the director of training for an offshore international tactical training organization and it was while addressing a baton training tender that he informed his company directors of the Todd 45. He explained to them of how he had designed a specialist tool for law enforcement, military and corrections usage that provided new features.

The directors became extremely interested and on viewing the early prototypes invested in the project and have and continue to invest in the project today.

The Todd 45 is more than just another baton; it is a revolutionary device to improve the safety aspects of baton usage and provide the user with increased protection and confidence in their baton. It provides high levels of defense against both armed and unarmed threats as well as providing a sound deterrent factor, sound retention and control and restraint.

Simple diagonal deflection skills neutralize unarmed attacks easily.

Simple diagonal deflection skills neutralize unarmed attacks easily.

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton

While escape or avoidance is recommended against weapons, when time or distance is against you the Todd45 offers saftety with the swivelling handles positioning your hands behind the shaft.

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton

What is the Todd 45? It is a two handled expandable rotating rear handle device that is lightweight, robust, easily carried and made ready and while it improves safety and has been made to reduce law suits, it does not sacrifice effectiveness or eliminate options.

Single side handled batons when held with two hands tend to expose the shaft holding front hand to attack and when held with a single hand tends to reduce the effectiveness of offensive actions and considerably reduce retention.

Straight expandable batons have been around for many years and similar varieties were used by spies and assassins of WWII. They tend to be predominantly offensive tools with limited defensive aspects to their use. The Todd 45 was designed with the user in mind; it addresses the concerns of many of the operators Tank has trained around the world for many years. To date law enforcement expert trainers and military chief instructors have described the TSB 45 as revolutionary in baton design and consider it will improve safety and effectiveness in baton usage in the future.

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton

If required the Todd 45 can be employed for contral and restrained offering solid leverage.

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton pictured in it's closed position

TSB45 Tactical Safety Baton pictured in it's closed position. The Todd 45 tactical baton weighs 530 grams, is 40cm closed and 58cm open and can be made of several materials in relation to service, requirements and roles.

The only concern to date has been the selection of materials to manufacture the TSB 45 from early prototypes, which were constructed of various available materials making it very much trial and error, as this type of tool had never been constructed before.

There needed to be considerable hands on testing to establish not only whether the material was robust enough but also whether it was clean enough and how friction levels would affect its performance.

Prototypes were dispatched to agencies around the world for product evaluation even before the materials and accessories have been decided and completed. Apart from minimal material failure problems the response was that the design was excellent.

Further materials are being currently tested and consultants are working on the final material as well a range of carry devices and accessories including a built-in flashlight.

The timing for the release of the TSB 45 is right, with many departments going away from other cumbersome types of baton and law suit concerns with mainly offensive type batons.

To date much interest has been received from around the world in the Todd 45 and negotiations continue. The movie industry has also expressed interest in the inclusion of the Todd 45 in movies depicting it as the high tech device of the 21st century.

Tank continues to have a New Zealand company manufacture the Todd 45, however this will depend on economics and ability to meet quantity requirements.

The positive aspects of this design show the inventor knows not only the design side of the invention but also is an expert in the tactical requirements and applications. Tank has spent his entire working life training, qualifying and instructing worldwide and has used his wealth of knowledge and experience to design this multi feature new device.

It was with the exponents he trained in mind that he worked so hard and long to meet all their requirements and concerns.

Every individual to date with any tactical foresight has literally raved over the Todd 45 and its attention to detail. Tank has invented many devices, tools and weapons for military close combat and has several other inventions in the planning stage. All concerned feel it's only a matter of time until the Todd 45 is a standard piece of operational equipment around the world

While having to use a baton at all may not be a situation any operator may wish to have to undertake or while defending against weapons with a baton may not be department policy or recommended, we know it is our duty and policy to provide a device that covers all requirements and responsibility should they find themselves in a situation where their baton is the only or desired option.

Hopefully users of the Todd 45 never have to defend themselves in a life-threatening situation but if they do its important to have the right tool for the job and confidence that it provides the best chance of safety and success humanly possible.

The other consideration is the after event aspects in regards to complaints and lawsuits.

Most of the operators we interviewed re batons were united in the fact that they operate mainly in defensive roles and require devices that are in line with defensive applications.

The accompanying unarmed program based on tactically correct European military close combat increases the likelihood of operational success and user safety and when combined with the instructed baton usage provides a truly complete package.

We already have applications from agents in several countries wishing to act as agents for the TSB45 and demonstrations are due to begin soon.

This project has taken many years to complete all the design patent and development phases and with endorsements from military and police expert instructors internationally, it is only a matter of time before the TSB45 is seen on operator's belts.

The TSB45 is easy to learn how to use with its two handed holding and provides the holder with considerable cover in the ready position held diagonally across the upper quadrants.

The general comments received were that over the years the baton's shortfalls had seen them pulled from service. There was very little choice available and that the TSB45 was certainly revolutionary and great trouble had been taken to overcome problems operators had exposed in the field.

They especially liked the deterrent factors when the baton was opened and made ready and how it was not cumbersome to carry and didn't unnecessarily expose their hands to attack. The TSB45 is described as a baton for the times and territory that comes with it.

With the design and choice of materials to suit roles and applications as well as the accessories and training package the TSB45 is ready for the waiting market.

Negotiations with several countries and various services are presently underway.

Other types of baton used on Todd Group courses include the side handle baton (left)

Other types of baton used on Todd Group courses include the side handle baton (left)

and the expandable baton (right).

and the expandable baton (right).

Article written by Fight Times Editor