Koolman's Correct Wrestling

Plates 57 and 58

Koolman's Correct Wrestling - Plate 57

Plate 57

Pivoting Under: If you feel it is risky of losing a good position by trying to make hold shown in Plate No. 50 out of Plate No. 49, then using the hold of Plate No. 49 and pivoting under you will come to the same finish as Plate No. 52. Plate No. 57 shows how you must set your feet ready for the pivot. Note the position of the right foot and the straightness of the knee. From that position, retaining the grip with your hands, and without bending the right knee, shoot your left foot up in the air between his knees and fall, twisting vigorously to your right. Fall with your body very close to his right foot so that he will lose his balance forward, and also so that your right side will come first in contact with the mat as shown in Plate No. 58.

Koolman's Correct Wrestling - Plate 58

Plate 58

This photograph shows the action of pivoting under as your opponent falls toward the camera. When he reaches that mat, quickly spread your feet out and stay on your stomach for a second or two, which will stop your man from swinging you over him with the same throw. Then, retaining your hold of his head and left arm, work yourself into the position shown in Plate No. 52. The time to pivot under is when your man is slightly bent forward with both feet comfortably back.

To counter the pivot, while in position in Plate No. 57, push against your attacker's body with your right hand and duck with your knees to undo his grip of your left arm and head. To counter during the pivot, try to bring him over with the same swing that brings you down, and if you do not succeed make a high bridge and turn towards him, which is to your left; this way in getting out you will finish up on your hands and knees under your man on the mat.

Plate 59

Koolman's Correct Wrestling - Plate 59

Plate 59

Going Behind: When holding your man in the underarm and headlock hold (Plate No. 49) you can make a move to get behind. With your left foot forward push him back. Once he begins to push, also pull him to your left and at the same time release your hold of his head and arm. Using your right hand to push him to your left, as shown in Plate No. 59, duck with your knees under his left arm, and make one step with your right foot so that you can claim hold of his waist from behind as shown in Plate No. 50. Pull, push, duck and step all in quick succession.

To counter, if sensing the move coming, run forward, which will prevent your attacker claiming your waist.

Plate 60

Koolman's Correct Wrestling - Plate 60

Plate 60

Correct Way of Staying Behind: You can get into a great deal of trouble if you do not know how to hold your man with the back waist hold. Notice how your right arm must be around the small of his back and waist, the right side of your face against his left hip. Locking your hands, take the spare reach of your arms by bending your left elbow and then pulling the small of his back hard against your right shoulder. Keep your feet well back out of his reach. There are several throws from this position.

Article written by Koolman