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New Mixed Martial Arts Centre in Christchurch

2005 sees the re-location of one of New Zealand’s leading Thai Boxing clubs to new premises. Sitnarong Thai Boxing has moved from the now demolished Cashel Chambers complex in central Christchurch, to bigger and better facilities at 70 Waltham Road, upstairs above Top Gun Paintball (the old Powerhouse Gym site). Sitnarong mixed martial arts mat […]

Isometric Exercises For Mixed-Martial Arts

Isometrics are not often used in sports specific strength and conditioning. Because most sports are dynamic in nature, isometrics aren't obvious to they eye and thus aren't trained. In MMA, isometrics can add another element to your game that can help you submit your opponent, escape a submission, or achieve a dominant position whether standing […]

Martial arts and their importance for military training

Man has been a part of fighting and battles since his very beginning. His movements are natural- atavistic reactions similar to those of animals with the primal goal to survive and self-preserve. This is why we can conclude with certainty that fighting is as old as the human race. Fighting and battles will follow man […]

Quest for the Way: Origins of the Martial Arts

Considerable mystery surrounds the origins and lineages of the world’s martial disciplines. Some systems, most often those of classical origin, are bonded with religious doctrines; others are secular and utilitarian, street and military applicability their keynote themes.

Kata – An important part of martial arts

KATA (Form) –Japan, KUEN (Form) – China , HYONG ( hyung, ITF –tul, WTF- poomsae , pattern) – Korea, QYONG- Vietnam, AKA- Burma KHAWANKAY –Kashmiri, OBYAZATELNYY (Form) – Russia, FORM- Europa,America Kata is a form of unique obligatory exercises involving a series of hand and foot techniques of punches and kicks connected by certain moving, […]

Martial Arts Styles Do Exist

Recently, I saw a Facebook video of a grappling competition, between a freestyle wrestler and a Brazilian Jujitsu practitioner. There are a lot of Youtube videos with titles like “Muay Thai vs. Kyokushin” or “Kung Fu vs. MMA” but what I liked about this particular video was that both practitioners were wearing the clothing appropriate […]

Myth #1 – The Shaolin Monastery is the origin of all martial arts

Back in the days of the Wild West, there was only one fist-fighter the bad guys really feared. Kwai Chang Caine was a hard-punching half-American, half-Chinese orphan with a weakness for spiritualism and hands that were more dangerous than a gunslinger’s holster. But Caine, a character played by David Carradine in the 1970’s television series […]

Martial Arts for Cancer Survivors

Research evidence suggests that exercise may be an effective intervention for enhancing quality of life in cancer survivors. But the effects of exercise on biomarkers, cancer recurrence, other diseases, and overall survival are unknown. Martial Arts are recommended as a form of exercise for cancer survivors but there is no relevant study on the subject. […]

Capoeira, Deadly Martial Art or Performing Art?

The crowd is on their feet chanting loudly as music blares. They encircling the two performers who are striking back and forth with kicks and they swirl around and jump before the crowd who dance along with the music. The two dancers are performing Capoeira the Afro-Brazilian dance-martial art created in Brazil by African slaves […]

Training With Mick Coup Part IV — Stepping off the Line – How Core Combative Relates to the Martial Arts

“You simply can’t go around telling people what they have been doing for years is completely wrong and has no value, no matter how ‘progressive’ you think that you might be, you’d be very wrong!” These are the unlikely words of long-time personal security consultant, ex-military specialist and seasoned doorman, twenty-five year martial arts veteran […]