Brain to Boot

Brain to Boot mental toughness manual and training package

Tank Todd recently released Brain to Boot, a 449-page military CQC and military self-defence psychological enhancement and conditioning manual with an accompanying audio training package.

Kata – An important part of martial arts

KATA (Form) –Japan, KUEN (Form) – China , HYONG ( hyung, ITF –tul, WTF- poomsae , pattern) – Korea, QYONG- Vietnam, AKA- Burma KHAWANKAY –Kashmiri, OBYAZATELNYY (Form) – Russia, FORM- Europa,America Kata is a form of unique obligatory exercises involving a series of hand and foot techniques of punches and kicks connected by certain moving, […]

Thailand: The Todd Group International hub for International Exponents

Group photo post course. Some Todd Group courses are scheduled up to several years in advance and include public application courses as well as private client courses and contract courses for military, police, close protection and a wide range of specialist agencies including wildlife protection ranger training. Our Elite Action Adventure combative recruiting attracts individuals […]

Military Mental Toughness for Sport and Combat Sports

It takes mental toughness to endure the effects of heavy contact and fight back. The Todd Group in our 90th year have a long history as military CQC (close quarters combat) tactics and skills developers and training providers. Our training provision includes to the military elite and specialist police squads. The Todd Group systems are […]