Christchurch European Military Self-Defence and Close Quarters Combat Short Course

Christchurch European Military Self-Defence and Close Quarters Combat Short Course

Karl Webber is well known for training top line MMA fighters in New Zealand. What a lot of fight fans may not know is that Karl has a long history with the Todd Group in military CQC and MSD training. Ron Evans and I first trained Karl in CQC back in the early 90s in […]

Close Quarters Combat Course Taiwan 2017

European Close Quarters Combat (CQC) and Military Self-defence (MSD) Short Introductory Course The Todd Group are the oldest training providers of European close quarters combat (CQC) and military self-defence (MSD), having a 90-year history of training provision to the military, law enforcement, and responsible civilians. You will not find our military combative programs training available […]

Germany Annual Week-long Intensive CQC/MSD Course of Instruction 2017

Phase 3 Bayonet disarming. Germany has become the Todd Group’s European primary country for the conducting of Todd Systems CQC/MSD course of instruction. Ken Oesterreich, the Todd Group Germany chief instructor, was the course manager and coordinator for the Leipzig course. The May 6th to 11th CQC/MSD course was conducted in Leipzig and it ran […]

Todd Group Close Quarters Combat Courses

The Todd Group offer close quarters combat courses in New Zealand and internationally: Other Todd Systems training options The Todd Group provide combative and defensive tactics training for clubs, businesses, security firms, and corporate groups, including: close quarters combat self-defence tactical control and restraint crowd control close personal protection (bodyguard) Enquiries: [email protected] For more information, visit the […]